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ECDC’den 2019 Ağustos Ayında Yeni Yayınlar

Risk assessments
Ebola virus disease outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Date of publication: 7 August 2019

This is the sixth update of a rapid risk assessment originally produced on 9 August 2018. The update addresses the impact of active chains of Ebola virus disease (EVD) transmission reported outside the outbreak’s epicentre, specifically in Goma, a provincial capital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
  Sixth update available from the ECDC website
Corporate publications
Achievements, challenges and major outputs 2018: Highlights from the Annual Report of the Director
Date of publication: 28 August 2019

This brochure briefly summarises the Centre’s accomplishments for the previous year. It covers all ECDC Disease Programmes, public health communication, training activities and outbreak preparedness.
  Available from the ECDC website
Technical reports
EMIS-2017 – The European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Internet Survey
Date of publication: 29 August 2019

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the results of a 2017 survey among men who have sex with men (MSM). Based on the responses of some 128 000 participants in Europe, it provides insights on their knowledge of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STI), sexual behaviour, prevention needs and testing habits.
  Available from the ECDC website
Surveillance reports
Monthly measles and rubella monitoring report, August 2019
Date of publication: 9 August 2019

ECDC reports monthly on measles and rubella surveillance data submitted by 30 EU/EEA countries to the European Surveillance System (TESSy). This report is based on surveillance data reported to TESSy. ECDC also monitors European measles outbreaks through epidemic intelligence and publishes the most recent updates monthly in the Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR).
  Available from the ECDC website
Annual Epidemiological Report series on communicable diseases in Europe
Date of publication: released as new disease chapters become available

The Annual Epidemiological Report series on communicable diseases in Europe provides a comprehensive summary of surveillance data for EU/EEA countries. It is mainly intended for public health professionals and policymakers involved in infectious disease prevention and control.
  All disease chapters for 2016 and onwards are available on the ECDC website
ECDC communicable disease threats report
Date of publication: every Friday

The ECDC communicable disease threats report is a weekly bulletin intended for epidemiologists and health professionals in the area of communicable disease prevention and control. Summarising information gathered by ECDC through its epidemic intelligence activities regarding communicable disease threats of concern to the European Union, it also provides updates on the global situation and changes in the epidemiology of communicable diseases with potential to affect Europe, including diseases that are the focus of eradication efforts.
  Available from the ECDC website
Scientific peer-reviewed publications
Publications by ECDC staff in scientific journals

All scientific peer-reviewed publications produced by ECDC staff on behalf of the Centre for the period January 2005 – January 2019 are available online.
  Available from the ECDC website