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Gine’de Ebola’yla Mücadele Eden Kübalı Sağlık Ekibinin Üyesi Sıtmadan Öldü

Cuban Worker with Medical Brigade in Guinea Dies from Malaria

Created on Monday, 27 October 2014 12:51 | Hits: 533 | Yoandry

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 27 (acn) The Cuban Health Ministry announced the death from Malaria, on October 26, of an economist with the island´s medical brigade that is fighting Ebola in Guinea.

Worker Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, 60, an economist from the central province of Sancti Spiritus died from Malaria and cerebral complications at 2:09 on Sunday in Guinea, where he traveled along the vanguard team of the medical brigade that arrived in that country October 6 to fight the Ebola epidemic.

Rodriguez began to present diarrhea on October 22 originally related to some digestive problem and he was assisted by Cuban doctors who indicated the treatment. As he continued with the situation the next day, he was assisted at the Donka hospital where he was indicated antibiotics, hydrating substances and a specific diet, which helped him show clinical improvement, the minister says in a note published on Granma newspaper on Monday.

The worker was submitted on October 24 to lab tests and he did not show any new symptoms, while doctors decide to keep with the treatment as they waited for the lab test results. But in the evening of that same day, Rodriguez began to show symptoms indicating worsening of his condition as doctors indicate treatment against Malaria at the Pasteur health center, where the diagnostic for Malaria was confirmed.

As an economist with the medical brigade, Rodriguez never had any contacts with any Ebola treatment centers or with patients of that disease; however, he was submitted to two Ebola diagnostic tests whose results were negative, the Health Ministry explains.

On October 26, Rodriguez worsens after presenting multi-organ malfunction and died in the afternoon that day, the Ministry said and also appreciated the cooperation of Guinea’s Health and Cooperation Ministers, the UN representatives and of the World Health Organization, which stood by Rodriguez side, along the island’s ambassador and the staff of the medical brigade till the moment he passed away.

Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez worked for over 30 years at the provincial health ministry office in Sancti Spiritus; he met an internationalist mission in Mali and he also volunteered to join the Cuban medical brigade that is in western Africa.

Finally, the Health Ministry extends its sympathies to Rodriguez’s relatives.