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Ebola’nın Avrupa’da Yayılma Olasılığı Düşük / Ancak Yeni Olgularla Karşılaşılması “Kaçınılmaz”

Risk of Ebola spreading in Europe is very low: statement by Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Sporadic cases of Ebola virus disease in the WHO European Region are unavoidable. This is due to travel between Europe and affected countries.

Nevertheless, the risk of Ebola spreading in Europe is avoidable and extremely low. European countries are among the best prepared in the world to respond to viral haemorrhagic fever, including Ebola.

There is a risk of accidental contamination for people exposed to Ebola patients; strict infection-control measures can and must be used to mitigate this risk. Health care workers are on the frontline of the Ebola fight, and thus are most at risk of infection. They need to be protected and supported by all means.

All countries have protocols and procedures that must be implemented when a case is suspected, and following them diligently is important. As always, WHO is ready to provide help and support where requested.