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Zimbabve’de Sığırlar Arasında Şarbon Salgını: Üç Kişi Tedavi Altında

Anthrax outbreak, 25 cattle die

03 October 2014 by Staff Reporter

MATABELELAND SOUTH – THE recent anthrax outbreak that hit Zhukwe area in Gwanda killing at least 25 cattle left about three people under medical care, the state broadcaster ZBC reported today.

The Department of Veterinary Services provincial officer Enart Mdlongwa said they have since quarantined the affected area and vaccinated animals against anthrax adding that the situation is now under control.

Chief Mbiko Masuku of Matshetshe bemoaned the continued loss of livestock due to drought and diseases and encouraged farmers to look after their animals well by vaccinating them against diseases.

Reports state that the area was last hit by an anthrax outbreak 42 years ago hence most villagers did not understand the health hazards of eating meat infected with anthrax.

The veterinary official also warned people against eating infected meat saying those exposed to anthrax should look out for symptoms which include headaches, fever and skin lesions.

Anthrax can be fatal to both people and livestock and human s contract it through eating meat from animals that succumb to the disease.