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Yunanistan’da Görülen Batı Nil Ateşi Olguları Artıyor

 West Nile Virus Cases Reach 26

By Nicky Mariam Onti on August 16, 2013 In Health Care, News

Nine new West Nile virus cases were recorded last week, rising the total to 26.

What mainly seems to worry experts though, is that the cases of patients with symptoms in the central nervous system have been more than doubled, while three other municipalities were entered into quarantine by the National Blood Center, due to increased possibility of the virus transmission by mosquitoes.

Now regarding the patients’ age, according to KEELPNO, the youngest  patient is 17 years old and the oldest 100 years old.

Out of the last nine cases, four of them were recorded in Attica (two in Agia Paraskevi, one in Pallini and another one in Vrilissia), two in the municipality of Nestos in Kavala and one in Chalcedon of Thessaloniki, one in Topeiros and the last one in Abdera of Xanthi.

The good news is that out of the 26 patients, 21 of them have been discharged, while the other five remain hospitalized.