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Dünya Sağlık Raporu 2013: Bilimsel Araştırma Olmazsa Genel Sağlık Güvencesi de Olmaz

World health report 2013: Research for universal health coverage

15 August 2013 — Everyone should have access to the health services they need without being forced into poverty when paying for them. The World health report 2013 “Research for universal health coverage” argues that universal health coverage – with full access to high-quality services for prevention, treatment and financial risk protection – cannot be achieved without the evidence provided by scientific research.

World health report 2013 news

Director-General’s speech
Director-General’s speech
Director-General’s speech
Director-General’s speech
Launch of the World Health Report 2013: Research for universal health coverage

The World health report 2013 sets out the scientific research agenda needed to translate the growing commitment to universal health coverage into evidence-based action. During the launch of the report, Dr Margaret Chan noted its central goals.Press release

Press release
Health research is essential for progress towards universal health coverage
At the launch of the World health report 2013, WHO called on countries to continue investing in local research in order to develop a system of universal health coverage tailored to each individual country’s situation.

What is World health report?

World health report, first published in 1995, is WHO’s leading publication. The report combines an expert assessment of global health, including statistics relating to all countries, with a focus on a specific subject.

The main purpose of the report is to provide countries, donor agencies, international organizations and others with the information they need to help them make policy and funding decisions. The report is also offered to a wider audience, from universities, teaching hospitals and schools, to journalists and the public at large – anyone, in fact, with a professional or personal interest in international health issues.