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Kuduzdan Ölen Çocuğun Isırdığı Akrabasına Kuduz Bulaştırdığından Kuşkulanılıyor

Bhaskar News | Jul 05, 2013, 14:28PM IST

(Ujjain) Five members of a family are battling for their lives after being bitten by a six-year-old rabid boy. The boy was attacked by a dog in January in Agar Road in Ujjain. The rabies affected dog died a day after biting the boy. According to family members, six-year-old Ashok developed rabies and bit five of them before his death in June. His uncle is said to have developed symptoms of rabies.

According to a source, he died because he was treated by a quack. Ashok, developed symptoms of rabies three days after the dog bit him. He was rushed to MY Hospital when his condition became worse. However, the doctors refused to treat him because he was very critical.

Ashok had bit his father Ramlakhan Bodna, mother Jamuna Bai, grandmother Teju Bai and uncle and aunt before his death.

Ashok’s aunt Anita said, “We all received rabies inoculations after Ashok’s death. But my brother fell sick and we think he is also affected by rabies now. I don’t know if anybody else in the family has developed rabies or not.”