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Bulgaristan’ın Kırcaali Kentinde İki Kırım-Kongo Kanamalı Ateşi Olgusu


Two cases of Crimean hemorrhagic fever, the latter yesterday, reported in Infectious Disease at Hospital “Dr. Atanas Dafovski” in Kardzhali. Both were referred for treatment in Plovdiv hospital as the ward lacks hyper concentrate, which treats disease, according to the head of department Dr. Magdalena Marinova.

Patients have been bitten by ticks, which cause and disseminated disease. This year, the pest population is particularly high because of the heavy rainfall.

In the words of Dr. Marinova people bitten by a tick should immediately seek medical attention and not try to remove the pest alone because of the risk of tick remain in the body.

The open time symptoms of Crimean hemorrhagic fever can be countered with hyperimmune gamma globulin, but if the disease is in an advanced stage, the risk of death, warned Dr. Magdalena Marinova. He added that such literature and in practice over 15% of sufferers of Crimean haemorrhagic fever died.

Darik Radio