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Pet Mağazasında Satılan Kedi Yavrularının Kuduz Olduğu Ortaya Çıktı

Kitten sold from Minot pet store tests positive for Rabies

Posted: Sep 07, 2014 2:37 AM GYSUpdated: Sep 07, 2014 2:53 AM GYS

By Nina Carter

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A kitten purchased from Amy’s Pet Parade pet store in Minot has tested positive for rabies. The North Dakota Department of Health  says the kitten was part of a litter of six that was anonymously dropped off on August 29.

All six kittens were put on display for sale the same day and the last kitten  was sold last week. The viral infection can be transmitted through bites and saliva, exposure to open cuts and wounds, or saliva contact with the eyes or mouth. The virus causes swelling of the brain and is almost always fatal.

The Department of Health is asking anyone who may have had exposure to saliva from these kittens by being bitten, licked or scratched to call the North Dakota Department of Health after-hours number at 701-220-0819